Which trip is right for me ?

We are happy to have guests of all ability levels riding on all of our trips. Generally our groups consist of intermediate to advanced riders and at most hills we split the group into two different teams in order to find terrain most suitable for each guest’s abilities and ensure the maximum number of laps. If you are a beginner skier or snowboarder and are intimidated by the size and terrain offered at these incredible resorts, we will work to arrange private lessons at cost for you to improve your skills, or suggest easier areas to ride at each of the resorts.

We have planned rest days with alternate optional activities including hot springs, scenic flights, dogsled tours, and massages or spa treatments to ensure those of us who don’t ski everyday for a living have plenty of time to recharge in between riding days. If you are a powder hound who never tires and wish to ski every day, we are happy to arrange for lift tickets or cat skiing on every day excluding mandatory travel days.

Will we ride Powder?

Our guides know the resorts very well, and will bring you to the best conditions available at each resort on any given day. We often find untracked lines and powder stashes at Whitewater and Revelestoke on every trip. Guests frequently comment about riding the best snow they’ve ever had while on our trips. It is important to note however that all of our trips are however “front country”, resort based and weather dependent. As such, we cannot make any guarantees as to the depth or quality of snow, nor how many other resort users have ridden certain areas before us on any day. If you want to ensure you get to ski untouched lines while on your trip, we offer the option to book cat skiing or heli-skiing days in advance at additional charge and subject to availability. We do not ride backcountry with our groups, however options exist to book day trips with certified local backcountry guides at additional cost and subject to availability.

How many people on each tour ?

Each tour has a maximum occupancy of 14 people. The transportation used is a 14 Seater Mercedes Sprinter van with an additional luggage transport vehicle when fully booked to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.

Generally during peak season we have 8-10 guests per trip. The minimum occupancy for each tour to operate at the advertised price is 6 people, however we have run tours for smaller groups in the past with small adjustments to pricing in order to accommodate such group sizes. If a trip experiences a large cancellation of other guests and cannot be run, we reserve the right to offer your a full refund of your booking price and will work to arrange as many details of your trip for you if plane tickets have already been purchased.

Do I need travel insurance ?

Yes. You will need to show valid insurance coverage for the duration of your trip with skiing/snowboarding included in your activities. Please make sure that the policy covers Skiing and Snowboarding activities as some basic policies exclude these activities and will not provide coverage in the event of an incident on the slopes.

Depending on your citizenship, you may need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a visa to travel to Canada. Transport companies, such as airlines, must ensure you have proper, valid travel documents when you travel to Canada. If you do not have the proper documents, including an eTA or visa, you may be delayed or denied boarding. Follow this link for information on Visa requirements from the government of Canada. 

Will I need a Visa ?


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